Client:Pinellas County Schools
Location :Clearwater, Florida
Budget :$17,934,031
Architect :Holmes Hepner
Completion :March 2019

Pinellas County Schools – Pinellas Technical College

This project will involve multi-phase renovations at PTC Clearwater Campus. These repairs and renovations will create a more comfortable learning environment.  In addition to site work which will include establishing a new entrance and adding more parking, Ajax will renovate and repair 14 buildings on the campus.  While keeping our construction activities isolated from the operations and functions of the school, some of Ajax’s tasks will include replacing ceilings and lights, constructing new building facades, bring facilities to ADA compliance, replace windows, renovate classrooms including science labs, replace electrical systems, replace HVAC equipment, remove walls between classrooms to create larger teaching spaces, replace a roof, add new nurses stations and construct a child care area.

CURRENT STATUS (as of 2/7/19)

Site Work – The metal panels were completed at Building 7 and are approximately 60% at Building 6. The irrigation pump is now 100% functional and working off of the time clock, all irrigation and landscaping work is now complete. The final lift of asphalt was completed as well as the resurfacing of the driveway adjacent to the construction trailer.

Old Building 5 – Automotive and Diesel Classrooms – The painting of the final two Automotive Shops was completed. The new Diesel classroom was re-occupied by the Owner and all diesel grease and oil piping to the flammable storage room was completed.

New Building 5 – Parts “C” and “D” – All ASI #10 work was completed for the air compressors, light fixtures, receptacles and shop fans. The fans will be mounted the first week of February.

Building 7 – ClassroomsThe Owner re-occupied Phase 5 classrooms on January 7. In Phase 6 (Classrooms 07-026, 07-027, 07-028, 07-029, 07-030, 07-032, 07-032A, 07-034 and Corridor #07-100) all soffit framing, drywall, MEP rough-in, MEP trim out, acoustical ceiling and VCT in the corridor were completed this month. All MEP rough-in, masonry chase walls and ceiling framing was completed in Female Restroom 07-034. Flooring and wall tile is on-going. Phase 7 corridor demolition is on-going.