Client:Pensacola State College
Location :Pensacola, Florida
Budget :$9,971,400
Architect :Florida Architects, Inc.
Completion :May 2020

Pensacola State College Baars Technology Building

This new facility will replace of the existing 60-year-old Mary Ellison Baars Building on the Pensacola campus. The new facility will be a partial three story steel framed building and house mathematics, computer science, cyber security, aviation maintenance, advanced manufacturing programs and other high-tech programs.  Also included will be the demolition of the existing Baars Building and site improvements, such as new utilities, storm drainage systems, parking areas and roadways, including the installation of a new entrance road, which will be initially used for a construction entrance.  Additionally, the site will also undergo new hardscaping, landscaping and irrigation. This will be a Green Building Initiative, with a target goal of Three Globes Certification which is equivalent to USGBC LEED Gold Certification.

The new facility will provide training for 200 – 300 new jobs coming to the region for an and aerospace engineering firm with the potential for expanding to 1,000 jobs.  In addition to housing high-tech programs, the new Baars Building also will provide space for a collaborative partnership with an adult learning and support program.

CURRENT STATUS (as of 4/8/19)

In the month of March, the sitework subcontractor began and completed the import of fill to bring both Building 1 and 2 pads to grade and began the storm-water system installation. During the storm-water system layout, it was revealed that the portion of wing #2 that was left in place interfered with the installation of storm-water piping. The issue was resolved by demolishing an additional 45′ of the wing in order to make a clear path for the piping. in addition the electrical subcontractor began the installation of the duct bank for the new primary electrical service.

Building 1 pad was completed on March 10 and the rebar for Building 1 foundations arrived on site, was fabricated for installation and the building pad was staked in preparation for foundation layout and excavation. Soil borings were scheduled to begin March 13th. The final geotechnical report was provided to the architects on March 27 which indicated loose pockets of soil at a depth of 5-10 feet below finished floor. The structural engineer evaluated the geotechnical findings and directed Ajax to proceed with the recommendations put forth in the geotechnical report to excavate the Building 1 pad by undercutting to a depth of 8′ from finished floor elevation. Once excavation is complete, the bottom of the excavation is to be proof-rolled and tested then replace soil in 1′ lifts, compacting and testing each lift back to finished grade. Assuming that this remediation can be completed by April 14th, the concrete subcontractor will return and commence layout on Monday April 15th. This operation has resulted in an additional 23 work day delay. The scheduled substantial completion date for the project has been pushed 30 working days and is now 26, May 2020.