Client:Orange County Public Schools
Location :Orlando, Florida
Budget :$21,742,090
Architect :BRPH
Completion :August 2019

Orange County Public Schools Pine Hills Bussing Compound

A Design Build Project for the redevelopment of the existing Pine Hills Bus Depot Complex located at 5146 North Pine Hills Road in Orlando, Florida will take place. The project will consist of new and replacement facilities for OCPS Fleet/Bus Maintenance, new North Learning Community Offices and new satellite Northwest Area Maintenance Offices on the existing 97-acre site. Major elements of the project include Design and Construction of a new Fleet Maintenance Facility of approximately 70,000 gross square feet, which will house and facilitate the ongoing maintenance and operation of the OCPS vehicle fleet for this area of the school district. The Fleet Maintenance Facility will include fleet maintenance offices, a garage, bus wash facilities, fueling facilities, and a drivers’ lounge. Parking at the facility should accommodate 400 buses. Design and construction of a new North Learning Community Office Building of approximately 17,300 gross square feet which will house the North Area Superintendent’s offices and support functions. It will include design and construction of a new satellite maintenance office of approximately 5,300 gross square feet for OCPS Northwest Area Maintenance offices and support functions. The existing facilities will remain in operation during the construction of the new facility. General scope items within the site package include, but aren’t limited to: new bus and vehicle parking areas, assessment, demolition, improvement and/or expansion of existing parking areas, underground utilities, storm water drainage system, landscaping, irrigation, and site lighting. Expected deliverables include, but aren’t limited to: Program Verification Reports, Traffic and Access Evaluation Studies, Cost Estimates, Construction Documents, Phasing Plans, FISH Plans, the OEF 208 Form, Design Calculations, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Color Charts and Finish Schedules, and Project Schedules. The Design Build team will be required to design the project to comply with a sustainable building ratings system or a national model green building code per Florida Statutes.


Pressure testing for the sanitary water systems were completed yesterday. Testing of the fire line is ongoing today. Overhead rough-in and interior wall framing for the maintenance building is ongoing. Wall panels are installed on the South and West elevations and continuing along the East side to complete at the North end in the next two weeks. Interior CMU walls are complete at the South side and the 2nd lift of CMU is installed at the North side. The interior CMU wall at the bus wash has completed the first lift. Exterior framing is being prepped for installation of wall panels at the bus wash . Stabilized subgrade will begin Monday and the West side of Phase 3 is projected to be paved by June 24, 2019. Drywall is projected to complete installation between column lines 1-6 at the maintenance building by June 21, 2019.