Client:Florida State University
Location :Tallahassee, Florida
Budget :$59,000,000
Architect :Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects
Completion :November 2019

Florida State University, Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences Building

The facility will provide space for the Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences Department, which has been newly formed by merging the former departments of geology, oceanography, and meteorology. The project aims to provide state of the art accommodations for the department’s classrooms, teaching labs, research labs, and offices. It will also seek to promote the use of the exterior areas including reinforcement of the building’s location at a major gateway to the campus. As the home for the University’s environmental sciences programs, this project will strive to support the protection of environmental resources and promote a healthy indoor environment.

The building is anticipated to be approximately 130,000 gross square feet. Along with its construction, the scope of services is expected to include site utilities and site amenities, and may include construction of elements required to support the project’s location in the NW Science Quadrant. At the University’s discretion, the selected construction manager may be contracted to construct/include renovation of an existing adjacent building, should it be deemed more favorable to house portions of the program scope in the adjacent facility. Furthermore, should funding for a second building phase become available, the University may at its discretion, choose to extend the contract to incorporate the second phase. The design is being developed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Visit the Webcam. Enjoy a Panoramic View. Also, check out the 3D Model.


During the month of July, MEPF rough/overhead trim out, lighting installation, curtain wall installation, Lab Casework installation, and site work were the main activities. Crews have received overhead inspection sign-offs for Levels 2, 3, and 4 and ceiling tiles are being installed. Electricians completed the lighting through Level 05 in the labs, offices, and bathrooms. Curtainwall is complete at the Bay Window as well as the Southwest corner and crews have moved inside to vestibules and storefronts. Sunshade installation is complete on the South elevation and in progress at the Southwest corner. Lab casework crews installed tables, cabinetry, and fume hoods on Level 05 and miscellaneous items on 02 through 04. The Passenger Elevators are also nearly completed. Terrazzo was placed on Level 02 and 75% of Level one this month; it will be ground and polished towards the end of the project. Site/Plaza concrete continued with the placement of the West side entry concrete, sidewalk tie-in, and footings for the South.