Client:Florida A&M University
Location :Tallahassee, Florida
Budget :$26,862,997
Architect :JRA Architects Inc.
Completion :August 2019

Florida A&M University Center For Access & Student Success Building

FAMU’s new Center for Access and Student Success (CASS) will be a multipurpose building housing space for student recruitment, admissions, financial aid and student accounts, while also maintaining offices for the Center for Disability Access & Resources and the Undergraduate Student Success Center.  CASS will also maintain space for computer labs, study areas, student meeting areas, a police sub-station, and possibly auxiliary space and Veterans services.

To make space for the 73,000 square foot Center, the site development will require all or partial demolition of Diamond and McGuinn dormitory halls and new construction.  The project is projected to be completed in multiple phases contingent on funding with a goal have open for the Fall 2018 semester.

CURRENT STATUS (as of 2/1/19)

Waterproofing has been installed on the North, South and East walls at the North Basement. The under drain has been installed at the North basement followed by backfilling at the North, South and East walls up to 8’0″. The North Basement’s West foundations have been poured and backfilled. The South basement foundations have been poured and are near completion. In addition, the East, South and West walls at the South Basement have been poured and form-work removal shall began soon.