Client:Department of Management Services
Location :Tallahassee, FL
Budget :$52,013,418
Architect :Hoy+Stark Architects
Completion :October 2020

Department of Management Services Florida House & Senate Garage Repairs

Florida’s Capitol Complex, located in Tallahassee, FL, includes a 22-story executive tower with domed House and Senate chambers. The Historic Capitol, built in 1902, is directly in front of the tower to the east, with the House and Senate chambers to its north and south.  In addition, there are three separate parking garages located underground on the complex and three state parks on the grounds of the Capitol Complex.

The New York firm of Edward Durell Stone & Associates designed the Capitol Complex in cooperation with Reynolds, Smith and Hill of Jacksonville. The first phase of the new Capitol Complex started in June 1970 with site preparation of the House and Senate’s five-story office buildings. These buildings were designed to provide legislative committee rooms and member offices.

Ajax and Hoy+Stark Architects were hired by DMS to renovate and provide upgrades to the Senate and House of Representative parking garages and also the State Parks above the garages. Read more in this article from the Tallahassee Democrat


CURRENT STATUS (as of 6/3/19)

During May, at the Senate side Madison Street paving was completed. The driveway curb cut off Monroe Street and light pole installation was complete.
At the House garage, the wall extension between the trough and lower decks was completed. The topping slab was 95% complete on the trough level deck. The remaining portion will be complete once the exterior is excavated. On the lower level, the first half of topping slab will be formed and poured in June. On the interior, concrete repair demo is ongoing and will continue into next month. The second set of structural beams was poured with the third set being poured during the first week of June. One more set will remain after that. Electrical conduit demo and relocation is ongoing and will continue next month. Signalization relocation was started at the corner of Adams and Jefferson Street in anticipation for the mast arm install at the end of June.