Client:Augusta University
Location :Augusta, Georgia
Budget :$3,400,000
Architect :Clark Nexsen
Completion :August 2018

Augusta University Greenblatt Library Renovation

The Robert B. Greenblatt M.D. Library serves Augusta University’s Health Sciences Campus, providing resources and services to support the teaching, discovery, and clinical care mission of the University’s student centered research university and academic medical center.  This project will be a comprehensive of the Library including incorporating major architectural upgrades, installing a new furniture package, updating the restrooms, and possibly reconfiguring of the main entry.  Recently, the University added new residential housing to the Health Sciences Campus which now supports a mixed user group of undergraduate and graduate students living minutes away from Greenblatt Library. In the past, the Greenblatt Library was geared towards graduate students and this project’s goal is to modernize the library to make it a welcoming and accommodating space to both graduate and undergraduate user groups.


CURRENT STATUS: (10/5/2018)

Material Completion inspection occurred on 8/31/18 without any problems. Project is now complete.